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Tap's School

Tap’s Bit and Spur making School


         Our home

Located  in beautiful Hopland CA among vineyards

The courses will be offered in one week intervals and in that time 

you will be able to make a bit, a pair of spurs or learn engraving. 

After the course is over, Tap will be available to you for support.

This is Tom, he spent a week with Tap and was able to complete his first pair of spurs.


Keith spent two weeks with us and made a Los cruses cheek bit and a pair of spurs. He learned some engraving 

at the end of his stay with us.




Tap is well known for his file and inlay work, But the heart of a piece is the engraving.  

In a one to two week course you will  learn basic western bright cut engraving.

What you learn will depend on what you put into it.

Students will learn the difference between chase engraving and using the Gravermax.

This is an opportunity to learn one on one with a patient teacher. 


In a one week course you will be able to make a bit or a pair of spurs. If you decide to stay longer you may be able to do both. 

You will have a choice of spur styles and cheek pieces.

Spade bits will require additional assistance/time. Please contact us for details and pricing.

The schedule is as follows:  

Room and board included 5 days a week   


Breakfast: Starts at 7AM                

Lunch: Noon or when you feel like it.  

Dinner: 6PM

Tap will take one students at a time.                                                                                              


A $400.00 non-refundable deposit is required to sign-up 

Cost for a one week course is $1950.00   

Cost per day $450.00   

500.00 deposit to secure your future spot                                                


We encourage you to call Tap and talk with him about the school         

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[email protected]